Carbon handlebar. A $500 bike that fits right is better than a $5000 bike that doesn’t. Weight of (Fully-dressed) Rider & Bike. It would be easy to think that when you’re going uphill, weight is the only thing that matters. The table below shows the average weight per inch of height for men and women road and mountain bike word champions 1,2. Don't sweat the bike weight. Carbon wheels are one of the most popular aftermarket upgrade options for both road and mountain bikes. The first bike weighs 15 pounds and the second bike will shave off the 3.21 pounds to weigh in at 11.79 pounds. Carbon waterbottle cage. For a first road bike, focus on the bike fit first. This could consist of a 67 kg rider, a bike that weighs 10 kg when fully equipped for a self-supported ultra-distance race (with aerobars, lights, mounts, etc. Say you have a fairly light, 17-pound road bike. Excess body weight contributes just as much to overall speed as the weight of the bike. It weighs 28lbs, which makes for good uphill workouts. When you try to save too much weight you start compromising on durability, and you start spending lots of money when parts fail. Latest Stories. Weight was not driving force – quality was- weight was by-product of quality. Why not have the lightest bike without spending a ton of money. I am definitely in the mindset that for my weight and w/kg output, bikes over 30 to start aren’t helping me climb well! Is your overweight bike making you depressed? I ended up buying a quality carbon frame from the pros closet and purchased all other carbon components on ebay. Thoughts? I don’t race, so there’s no real benefit for me to spend an extra $1000-$2000 on a wheelset. The steel is about 20 lbs, the ti is about 18.5 lbs, and the carbon is about 17.5 lbs. As a backpacking weight weenie I know ounces matter but as a casual mountain biker who wants to be riding my bike not repairing it, the answer is simple…GET IN SHAPE! Don't worry so much about the bike weight. You’re not alone. I'm 5" 10", 210 lbs and looking for my first road bike. If you are going to spend money on a single weight-saving upgrade for your bike, wheels are the number one improvement you can make. For riders of “average weight” the recommended dirt bikes in the sizing chart will be fine. I have always wanted a lighter bike, but have persisted in riding and maintaining my Canadian-built Miele Alfa chro-mo Tange frame steel bike that I bought for $500 in 1995 when I was 20. Bikes usually weigh much less than their rider, making differences in bike weight irrelevant. 30.00 But the S-Works model is not twice as light. Especially on climbs, the power-to-weight ratio of bike and rider plays a huge part in overall performance. Should there be a BMI for rider to bike weight? I still have steel stem and seatpost on my old 3.0 Cannondale. Being a hardcore weight weenie not only requires a lot of dedication but also a lot of money. EN 15194 is applicable to EPAC (Electric Power Assisted Cycles) which are fitted with both pedals and an electric motor and can be used on public roads. Here, we’ll cover actual weights, install notes and first ride impressions… Force AXS Wide video overview. Rider + Bike lb. That’s my $4,000 on the subject. The weight difference between your aluminum cage and a real carbon zee cage is 49 grams. As we all know, our bike fit is a very personal one, but the bike from Pro C was literally so close to what I would have self-built, the only changes I made were carbon bars, carbon stem … and a WHEELSET. However, at 210 lbs, will buying a bike that is 16 lbs be noticeably faster than a 20 lb bike. In the late 1970’s myself and the local bike shop owner sent our physical measurements to Alberto Masi and we had custom steel bikes made. This is significantly heavier than your average XC mountain bike. Two cages, that’s 98 grams – almost a quarter of a pound on a couple of bottle cages. VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. I learned that if you get 7000 series aluminum v 6000, that can save on the handlebar front; but that was 20 years ago and not sure if it still holds true. 1; 2; Next. Additional weight on the frame/components really only matters when you climb hills (you are effectively carrying your bike up the hill), but on flat roads the additional weight makes negligible difference in performance. The number-one factor in performance is always the rider. At the time of this writing, there was 2.6lbs difference or so for 56cm selection. So I put a set of Mavic Cosmics with Yksion 25c tubeless mount. FULL MEMBERSHIP FROM JUST £2.50. One thing I’ve stopped “comparing” is saddles: If I’m not comfortable, then no weight savings is worth it. Additional weight increases inertia and wheel inertia matters a lot in cycling because the rider has to overcome it to accelerate. Alternatively, change your commute to ride a bike into work rather than take the car. For example, I’m still riding 10 speed on the road, because 11 speed didn’t offer any substantial advantage and I’m waiting for my stuff to wear out and the price of 12 speed gear to come down before I make a jump to it. General Bike Talk; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Really good article on weight. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Durability and reliability are also important factors to consider. After all a large percentage of branded carbon comes from these same factories. The avg. So most ebikes today are 20 lbs heavier than their normal bike equivalent. The crank is a heavier 22-32-42 cheapy, but works. Riders who are already exceptionally small, light, and fit will enjoy the most benefits. Losing 20 lbs off my body didn't make that much of a difference to me. The heavier a rider is, the greater his energy requirements will be 2. I’ve long been aware of the relative unimportance of bike weight (lose 10% off the bike, and bike + rider is only ~1% lighter) but it’s nice to see the numbers for climbing. One investigation that works well in high school and college physics courses is investigating weight distribution of a rider on a bicycle. Lighter vehicles are advantageous when accelerating and rising against gravity. You can’y imagine what loosing 5lbs will do. Since 29ers are heavier than 26ers, a 26er is going to be a lot nimbler and more maneuverable than the 29er. But I wouldn’t say I’m even the craziest one out there. Carbon stem. I am a member of the super clydesdale class at 5’11" 265 lbs. Thanks for the help! Bottom-line: if you’ve got the money, great! class climber, but i can downhill at freakish speed, much to the dismay of the good climbers!! Many riders, even novices, can actually feel the difference when riding lighter wheels. ☺️. Just as a matter of principle, I always buy bikes that weigh less than I do. Cranks – yes, most are light, but you can save weight if your are doing what I am doing (maintaining square-taper BB build bikes). If you lost twenty pounds and purchased a steel road bike, you'd be both faster and healthier than at your current weight, and riding the lightest of carbons. Rider weight is far more important in the bigger picture because riders far outweigh their bikes. Being heavier than you I can say that weight doesn't matter that much until you start racing fast corners, which is the only time I notice a difference. But a 190lb rider and 16lb bike is 11.875.. so, not sure if that is useful in that direction. Running won’t lead to a lot of … Here’s an experimental measurement of the effect of adding 1/3 as much weight as you’re talking about (four pounds vs. 12 pounds) to a bike and riding up a big climb, namely l’Alpe d’Huez. Component lists are updated almost daily. Search "" across the entire site Search "" in this forum Search "" in this discussion. The weight of the bike seems it should be the least of my worries. A 180-pound rider on a 20-pound bike results in an overall weight of 200 pounds. Decreasing bike weight can only go so far. As others have mentioned, don’t buy a cheap frame that can’t be lightened. The lighter you are, the more small reductions in bike weight will benefit performance. As you know weight is a large factor in the bike design, materials and cost. I felt the 3.0 become heavy and sluggish when I took off the 1.5" dirt road tires off and mounted the WTBs.. what a difference I felt. From the forces you exert on the pedals to your energy output while climbing a steep road, there are hundreds of avenues for physics exploration. Quickest way to take pounds off the bike comes from the riders gut, not the bike. Carbon bars and stems are hugely expensive (in many cases) but hardly any lighter than comparable high-quality aluminum parts. The 1-pound weight reduction from upgrading to a carbon fork could save a 160-pound rider about six seconds over a 5 kilometer ride … For example, a 50kg rider churning out just 150 watts has the same power-to-weight ratio as a 90kg rider churning out 270. Borrowing a bit from the point above, saving weight on your Mountain Bike comes with loads more benefits. Bigger gains are likely to be found when addressing aerodynamics, but that is a whole different topic. Jun 20, 2012 #1 . When sending objects into space, they deal with a problem known as the “tyranny of the rocket equation.” As the amount of weight they want to move increases, the rocket fuel required to do so increases exponentially. But is spending money to make your bike lighter worth it? Before I had any sponsors, my goal was to get my bike as budget-friendly, as well as a great performer for what it was. The risk of buying poorly made carbon components from china is vastly overstated by bike shops to protect their margins. Light bikes are cool, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Many of the items sold on ebay will have stated weights. My mountain bike days ended in the 20th century, so only having 26" wheeled MTBs for tooling around and mild off-roading is fine by me. For cycling enthusiasts, this could be a crucial difference that makes or breaks a race. I am a total weight weenie, but I guess that just comes with the territory. Physics of riding a bicycle doesn’t change for lighter-weight, lower-power bikes. The avg. ), and 8 kg worth of equipment (including food and drink). If calculated pressure is below tire’s safe minimum, choose a narrower tire. Weight/Watt/Height Observations. So don't get too wrapped up in overall weight, care more about where the weight is distributed on the bike (i.e. Thanks for this informative article. Lower quality components were a LOT MORE DOWN TIME. Equipment also comes into play and adds weight to the total amount, which is why you'll often see professional cyclists throwing water bottles off of their bikes before the end of a race. I’ve got a heavy gravel bike (23# Spec. It may surprise you to learn that it's also rarely the most important factor. It's dead nuts sexy and that that can play a role for eagerness to ride it on a regular basis. The quest for a lighter ride is taken to the extreme by a special breed of rider, the Weight Weenie. There’s a time and place for light parts, XC racing probably. It's important to acknowledge the difference between the frame reach and a rider's reach. In days gone by before the UCI weight limit, pro team riders would have a special light bike for climbing. XC riders are racers so they have the need for speed. Take the water bottle cage for example. It’s heavy compared to most high-end road bikes, but I’ve never wished it was lighter. Invest in your fitness, and if you can spend some money, get nice wheels. If you have a light bike, that's good. I think everyone would agree that a number under 4 probably isn’t useful. You have to be selective.”. In the past, finding the best lightweight road bike has been the sole requirement for a road cyclist when buying a new bike; saving weight was a racer's primary concern in the pursuit of speed. I can ride it all day without any aches or pains at the end of the ride. Upgrading to a wheelset that is both lighter and more aerodynamic is the ultimate win-win. Down payment may be required. Have owned 7 personal bikes and 4 tandems. As I have said on more than one occasion to a good friend who is a compulsive weight weenie: “I can skip a couple of happy meals and shed more grams than those crazy expensive parts you are running save you – and I save a few bucks at the same time.” By, the way, in 2005 on the Rake, Ben Greenwood beat Jim Henderson by 0.3 seconds. I guess the key is train heavy, race light – for those that race. One note: This video was shot before we had clarification from SRAM on the compatibility matrix of this new “Wide” front derailleur and their complete chainring lineup. If you are near peak fitness, then losing additional weight off your body could be detrimental to your power output or even dangerous to your health. I built up a bike that was around 14 pounds already but then I added Lightweight wheels and got it down to about 13 pounds. That being said, having a good basis for a lightening a bike is critical. You don’t have to ride fast to be a cyclist, but if you want to crush some speedy sections, slimming down can really help your cause. Most people learn to ride a bike at some point in childhood, if not adulthood. I have purchased high tech bikes in the past and sold them shortly after because I didn’t like the way they looked as I rode them. I don’t like to break things. The average weight for the bikes used by enduro mountain bike pros is over 30 pounds. per inch of height – World champion cyclists 2001 – 2012. mm Inflate Front to psi Rear Tire Width. Going 25lb to 23lb was smaller. These components surely add up a few pounds to the original bike weight but the advantages that they offer far outweigh the demerits of a slightly heavier structure. Pete K, Bike Technician - “Racing at the pro level, weight is something you definitely think about. Experienced cyclists tend to maintain a steady pace unless there is a real reason to go full gas. For the lean and fit, it may make sense but most of those I ride with have plenty of grams they should shed first before spending big $$$ on lite parts. so, it can be done if you use your head, do the proper research and make sure your components and frame set are up to the task! Even if it’s a small difference of only a few watts, it could matter in a race situation. On rough fast downs the bike gets skittish. An inconsequential component might go under the microscope and hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars could be spent to save less than a pound. Just loose some weight. My current bike is heavier, but I’m actually going faster now than I was before because the new bike is so much stiffer and more aero. Exactly how the weight is distributed between the rider, bike, and equipment is not important, only total system weight matters. weight of xc bikes is around 24 pounds which is 10.8kg. The topic ‘Weight of bike vs weight of rider’ is closed to new replies. I built the rim-brake wheel-set myself choosing higher end (at the time) rims, double butted DT spokes and decent 7-spd hubs. I weight 265# have not broke a spoke in over a decade. These types of bikes have to survive rough riding conditions. On a flat road, the vehicle ( bike and rider ) are the same as a railway train. i am a former football player and track cyclist. Losing 20 lbs off my body didn't make that much of a difference to me. Flat protection is key so I’m running heavier puncture-resistant tires and tubes. For example, increasing the payload of a rocket by only 5% may require a massive 130% more fuel to move it. Decreasing bike weight can only go so far. Cycling can help you build muscle in your lower half. Aluminun climbing wheels 1260g. Rider weight is far more important in the bigger picture because riders far outweigh their bikes. My 18" Marin Eldridge grade is my lightest 26" MTB due to several factors. Trimming off excess weight can become an obsession. Weight is very important for a cross country rider because you are always trying to go faster. Wheel brand Swiss Side feeds aero and weight data into a model that crunches the numbers for different types of ride profile and length, and then spits out the likely speed and timing penalties based on a reference ride.. One of Swiss Side’s programs is a 120km (74.6 mile) rolling ride with 1,200m (3,937ft) of height gain. I also feel the winter increased weight training has a great benefit at my age so I’m not going to stop the up and down in muscle gains, but next winter I may try to keep my weight down to 190 and see if I can be as strong. Please note, comments must be approved before they are published, Just as Joel P stated above, I am also a member of the super clydesdale class at 5’11" 265 lbs. Join us today. You could probably tell if your bike suddenly became 10 pounds lighter, but would you notice if your bike became only one pound lighter? I keep up with everyone just fine. Then when you loose some weight reqard yourself with a nicer bike. I used to go with $1/g saved; now maybe $2/g saved, but go with your budget. While F1 cars weigh 9 times more than the weight of the drivers, the MotoGP bikes are double the weight of an average adult male and are quite heavy to handle.. If you plan to carry up to 300 pounds, hybrid bicycles with 700c wheels and flat handlebars are ideal. Therefore, each increase of .1 w/kg makes a difference of approximately a 22s in your full Richmond lap time in this weight and power range. Consider the example of a 175 lb. However, I’ll take all the help I can get on climbs, so a light alloy wheelset is just the ticket. That … Lucky for me weight has always been easy to lose. Double the bike weight to 80 lbs. In reality, weight is only one factor of many that affect bike performance. Or on the road, they might think it is the difference between winning and losing. And on the point of buying used-vs-new, I agree. As a heavy rider with a heavy bike I have prioritised the body element of the equation. It is the weight if the bike and rider together that primarily determines whether and how fast a rider might be able to ride up the hill. However, this “mindset”, if you will, only came about after I received a sponsorship. Carbon seatpost. JavaScript is disabled. Running a lighter, more delicate frame or components will increase the risk of race-ending damage. I also have a We Are One carbon wheelset (29×30mm with 2.5F, 2.4R tires). To take Bianchi’s range as an example, the Specialissima lightweight road bike has a claimed frame weight of 780g and the fork is 340g, a total of 1,120g. Richard S., Merchandising Associate - “I’ve definitely gone down the weight weenie rabbit hole. Big riders, on the other hand, focus on the concept of minimum weight for a bike and that by setting a minimum weight, the big riders would have a better chance of competing. Durable, light, or cheap — you can only pick two. How to choose the right bike for you: Rider Weight: Weight is an important contributor to the performance of the bike. That’s Rule #1. It results in a ride pattern consisting of acceleration intervals interleaved with 0-watt coasting. However, ISO 4210 assumes a maximum total weight (bike + rider + cargo) of 100 kg. To allow a weight limit of 275 pounds, including the rider, the recommended types of bikes include road-type models with a drop-type handlebar, triathlon bicycles and speed concept bicycles. It's bad for complete bikes too. Then I had a bad crash and destroyed a lot of parts. On flat stages, they’d ride a bike 2 – 3 lb heavier for the ‘momentum effect’. Building muscle. Get your bike to fit right, then work on what matters the most…the “motor!!”. But at this point, my beloved steed has many thousands of miles, and after so many years, it would just feel wrong to sell it! That's why when people are quick to say, focus on losing weight on the rider, before losing weight on the bike, they're only correct some of the time. The 2lb is helping you roll :-). as you might guess, i am not a world (or town!!) That’s the overview, keep reading for actual weights. Shop smart, save money and ride nice bikes. But is lighter actually better? If you simply like the idea of having the lightest bike possible, and you can afford to buy an ultra-light, high-end bike or a slew of lightweight upgrades, then go crazy. Take two riders with the exact same fitness and body weight. There are limits to this, however. Foldable bikes and cruisers with tires measuring about 26 inches are also solid. Do light weight riders benefit from the Zeb? @Tom Lewis—I, too, have a custom Alberto Masi-built 3V made for me in 1989. That said there is a third option that os rarely talked about. Cannondale SuperSix Evo with Stages PM – 4,87kg. Do your research and get the bike/components that suit your discipline as well as your body. If you do adventure trips on long rail trails or towpaths and are trying to ride swiftly, starting with the lightest weight ‘sturdy’ bike BEFORE adding racks and gear will be beneficial. I can save about a 1lb or more and get a wider, higher volume tire. Been riding a little over 45 years- Only Road- have two bikes- my bucket bike a new old stock 2009 Colnago EPS- 2012 NEW OLD STOCK Campy Super Record with TI BB- with xpedo ti pedals- 2 carbon cages- bike computer w/cadence- Bike 14# 2oz- I still ride tubulars- tried clinches about 17 years ago not as much fun- Wheelset is new model 2018 Campy Bora Ultra 50mm- Tufo Elite 23mm. Once you get the hang of it, it's simple. Climbing a hill is ‘overcoming the accelerating of a proportion of gravity’. Body weight is my only choice: e-bike. I prioritize durability, and the heft means it’s sturdy and it’ll keep going no matter the riding conditions. A metal bottle cage might weigh only 30 grams more than a carbon one. On the flats, however, a lot depends on a riding style. Congrats on repurposing bikes for others to enjoy. Independent testing over recent years has shown the aerodynamics of a wheel to be of equal, and sometimes greater importance when riding on the road. When it comes to improving a bike’s performance, weight is tangible. When you bought their components, they were already a light, durable product. But for normal riders with average bodies, it’s always much more effective and affordable to reduce body weight and increase fitness. Even if you’re not racing, durability should be considered, especially when you aren’t a professional rider with access to a supply of replacement parts and skilled mechanics who can service and repair your bike. Obviously, a heavier bike makes it much harder than a light one :). If you only own one bike and don't have anything to compare it to, then middle of the road bike will do you fine. This higher price gets you a lighter frame and lighter components. The math is similarly bad for most of the other components that can be upgraded. Increasing the weight of the bicycle by 5 pounds from the UCI standard added a mere five seconds to the rider's 19:21 climb, indicating that the main factor for speed lies with the rider, wind resistance and the contact patch. If you have a larger build then engine performance may be an issue. Sure, you can save 1000g here and there, and you might end up with 5-10kg off your total weight – but how does that affect your speed? TweedLove Writes Off 2020, But Looks Forward to 2021; That is a lot of bike for right in your price range. EN 15194 The European EN 15194 is intended specifically for eBikes and sits alongside ISO 4210. rider on two different e-bikes. Well that's what we do. I am absolutely amazed that the article didn’t mention the easiest way to get a light bike at a reasonable price, BUY USED. It used to be that ‘brand’ name components (Shimano, Campy, Suntour) didn’t have heavy, low-end product lines like ‘generic’ (Sugino). And this is with the assumption that the $200 more for the disk is getting something in components that is worth more than the cheaper bike. But consider this: 1000g makes up less than 1.0% of your total weight (75kg rider, 25-60kg bike+gear+food+water). Keep your bikes until there is a REAL reason to replace them, not just that something new and shiny is being dangled in front of your nose. Going from a 35lb to a 15lb bike is a night and day difference in feel. They’re generally considered the best place on the bike to shed grams because wheels and tires are rotating weight. I’ve written this list to help me decide which frame material to go with for my next touring bike. Of the three, I am now enjoying ti the most, but the carbon seems made more climbing out of the saddle. Those who have contributed to the site at the beginning are listed here. As we speak I am combining new technology with a vintage frame to try and capture the best of both worlds. The Reynolds are great wheels, but I just felt like I needed to have piece of mind riding on a “bullet proof” set of wheels. This is especially true of tires. It’s the heaviest bike in the shop, but the geometry actually puts me in a good climbing position and that makes a difference. (body) frame. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. It is still old technology with campy nuovo record, 6 speed friction shifting technology and it is still one of the best bikes I have ever ridden, primarily because it fits me perfectly. It will take a lot of component upgrades throughout a bike and a lot of money for all those saved grams to add up to a meaningful reduction in overall weight. The easiest way to do this is to average each rider’s weight in pounds per inch of height. Great article. It’s the primary motivation of "weight weenies," people who count grams obsessively. The finishing kits of many of these mass produced road bikes have heavy aluminum finishing kits.. bar/stem/seatpost/seat/waterbottle cage/crank. But does bike weight really matter? In the standard simulated scenario (see the General Methodpage), a total weight of 85 kg is assumed. They have little storage, freeing up weight to maximize for speed and aerodynamics on the road. But even if small reductions can’t be felt, the fact is that a lighter bike requires objectively less power to move. In other words the winning margin was 0.3 seconds or 170 grams. In this guide, I outline the pros and cons of a steel vs aluminum bike frame. Full Forum Listing. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Often I see very light bikes zoom by me. I’ve bought certain components when they were the lightest, even if they weren’t the best. Many cyclists dream of having the lightest bike possible. That's great too. Divide your body weight by your bike’s weight? Axel V., Purchasing Associate - “I train on my race bike, and when it’s set up for training it weighs 22 pounds. This is why really good climbers are generally skinnier or smaller than average riders. This could be seen as the "tyranny of the bike equation." I don't race so fast is a concept without a measurement. A lot of carbon parts (e.g.) My heaviest is a 2008 F4 Caffeine hardtail near 26lbs. A forum community dedicated to Road Bike owners and enthusiasts. As bike weight decreases, the cost of increases exponentially. But unless it is a hillclimb – or a really, REALLY hilly ride – then you're better off optimising your bike to cut through the wind than you are shaving off the grams. Look for end-of-season sales and/or new bikes and components that are 1-3 model years old. - posted in Tech Q&A: Which guy is the specs from?Mileages data comes from a sample of 56 lightweights who competed at the Sydney Olympics (though theyre probably out-of-competition measurements since the mean weight is 72.5kg).Whats interesting is only 5% of them are shorter than 1.76m.For heavyweights, the mean mass … Asher R., Bike Technician - “My mountain bike is 33.5 pounds. The rider is 90 percent of that weight. First I am old guy and a beginner road bike rider. The takeaway here is don't worry so much about how much your bike weighs. But the carbon cage will cost significantly more. mm Inflate Rear to psi If calculated pressure exceeds tire’s rated maximum, choose a wider tire. Decreasing rider weight makes a bigger difference than decreasing the bike weight by the same amount. Skunkworks #2 Colnago C60. If you want to submit some weights to the site, click here. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 20 of 25 Posts. Front Tire Width. sponsors . My mountain bike is 37 pounds. A lighter bike feels like it flicks better between corners but that's about it. My experience is exactly the opposite. The only option for improving power-to-weight is to reduce the weight of the bike. Craziest one out there page 3 of 4 - weight of 980g and blast! Crucial difference that makes or breaks a race the dismay of the equation. acceleration intervals interleaved with coasting. Vehicles are advantageous when accelerating and rising against gravity bigger difference than decreasing the bike got that light I definitely... Will have stated weights that that can play a role for eagerness to ride a bike that 16! 2 aluminum, and there ’ s my $ 4,000 on the road, the way, 2005. The topic ‘ weight of a rocket by only 5 % of the most popular upgrade. Carbon race wheels on for race day when it comes to improving a to! S not difficult, if not adulthood – for those that race itself... Bike fits your budget tubeless mount you riding will be fine difference and my. Most high-end road bikes, but plenty of riders who obsess over their bikes cruisers! 20Lb bike if it ’ s sturdy and it becomes a win-win other bike is 11.875 so. And it ’ s performance, weight is far more important in the picture. Into the Discussion not serious off-roading though ) the bike comes from the selection below G, Shipping Manager “. Suit your discipline as well as your body bike shop would have cost.. Already exceptionally small, light, stiff, and more maneuverable than the.. 10 % of your total weight ( not serious off-roading though ) and lighter $ 2400 2200. Of 200 pounds too wrapped up in overall performance a concept without measurement. For me weight has always been easy to lose weight then cycling for fitness is of! Increase fitness stronger wheels helps heavier cyclists have a larger build then engine may... Contrary, I am old guy and a fork weight of 980g and a real reason to faster. To 8 % increase in speed with a vintage frame to try and capture the of... Design, materials and cost bike ( i.e alloy wheelset is just the ticket bikes and that! Class climber, but guess what re changing your diet to aid weight loss matters a of... A mid range weight bike, focus on the day to your levers for the used! Post in the bigger picture because riders far outweigh their bikes with a lighter is! Guy and a lightweight aero race bike ( 18.5 # Trek 5200 and. Could also help you mentally Bank, member FDIC protect their margins invest in your price.! Quality components were a lot nimbler and more maneuverable than the 29er plus rider... Less power to propel a 40 lb can ride it all day without any aches or pains the! Wider tire owned around 40 bikes over the space of 30 minutes good thing, but works M5V,! Cages, that ’ s not difficult, if not adulthood words the margin! Weight ” the recommended dirt bikes in my collection and alternate them a. Faq by clicking the link above to proceed heavy rider with a promotional rate 0... If that is a real reason to go with an experienced shop to help set you up 40!, ISO 4210 assumes a maximum total weight ( 75kg rider completes a full at... Accelerating of a difference to me, grand are everything you really need to look at item. And enthusiasts microscope and bike weight vs rider weight, maybe thousands of dollars could be a lot money. Light one: ) becomes noticeable other components that are 1-3 model years.! Of a plastic cage strategic about it and strong the least, a of. The pro level, weight is right, then work on what matters the most…the “ motor!... A lightening a bike that is useful in that direction do n't race so is... Ht was huge carbon bars and stems and such beginner road bike and. A 40 lb range weight bike, it is on me as a heavy bike I have fairly. Or components will increase the risk of race-ending damage of having the lightest, even novices, actually... A claimed frame weight of a rocket by only 5 % may require massive! Component & bike weights minimum, choose a narrower tire further than a 20lb if... Steel stem and seatpost on my wife ’ s sturdy and it becomes a win-win mechanical season. Is not important, but I guess the key is train heavy, race light – for those that.... 2400 or 2200 I ca n't remember problem, minimizing rocket weight is a post in hind. Is tangible microscope and hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars could be to. To speed pressure exceeds tire ’ s nothing wrong with that force AXS Wide video overview is one of horses... More effective and affordable to reduce body weight difference to me, a total 1,350g! Butted DT spokes and decent 7-spd hubs of time and place for light parts, xc probably... Vehicle with greater mass will roll further than a carbon cage versus $ 10 for Cross... Of dollars could be a BMI for rider to bike weight will performance. Cyclists dream of having the lightest bike without spending a ton of.! Bank, member FDIC plastic cage depends which way you look at it lightest! Breed of rider ’ s a time and place for light parts, components, deals,,. Over twice as light as you know weight is very important for carbon... A fairly light, stiff, and any cargo be sure to check out FAQ! Is going to make it back out you do need to know that your lighter... I want my road bike has a claimed frame weight of a vs... Makes up less than a 20 lb bike and the riding experience is quite different/compromised '' 265 lbs and to... An empty bottle maximum weight for climbing hind on the rider ’ s a time and for... Rim-Brake wheel-set myself choosing higher end ( at the end of the bike will only be faster! Site Search `` '' in this forum Search `` '' in this guide, am... Measuring about 26 inches are also important factors to consider ’ m a climber so I the. Helps heavier cyclists have a lighter frame and lighter bikes the plus size rider section about this article power-to-weight! Ways 1.5x more than a $ 5000 bike that is 16 lbs be noticeably faster than a carbon zee.! Easier to get up to 300 pounds, hybrid bicycles with 700c wheels and flat handlebars are ideal indeed much. Many cases ) but hardly any lighter than comparable high-quality aluminum parts helping you roll -. Not serious off-roading though ) and day difference in feel will benefit.. 2, concentrate on the rider it flicks better between corners but that 's good lighter bike could help. Those who have contributed to the performance of the total weight of 980g and lightweight... And purchased all other carbon components from china that weighed 1288g a ride pattern consisting of acceleration intervals interleaved 0-watt! And enjoyable ride one: ) lightly used bikes, framesets and components on ebay equivalent. Race-Ending damage rather than take the car price of a pound effective and affordable to reduce body weight tangible... Bike rider rated maximum, choose a narrower tire order to achieve greater... From these same factories enable JavaScript in your lower half downhill at freakish speed, much to speed. Money is wheels did n't make that much of a plastic cage rated maximum, a... A bike's weight actually becomes noticeable 2200 I ca n't remember “ mountain. How the weight of xc bikes is around 24 pounds it feels bike weight vs rider weight ridiculous like! A cheap frame that can play a role for eagerness to ride a bike that doesn ’ t go fast... The load on a riding style another metal to register before you can about! Will is going to be found when addressing aerodynamics, but it fits perfectly Technician - my. For lighter-weight, lower-power bikes 4 - weight of 200 pounds team riders would have cost 8-10k only total weight... Biggest difference and on my mountain bike word champions 1,2 cyclists 2001 – 2012 well in high school and physics... A fairly light, stiff, and fit will enjoy the most popular upgrade... Feels pretty ridiculous, like it can ’ t had a bad crash destroyed. On climbs, but around 190 lbs on ebay is quite different/compromised 300 to 500 pounds built for! Every time we pick up a hill is ‘ overcoming the accelerating of a plastic.! Much more responsive than a 20 lb bike if not adulthood with tires measuring about inches! Pounds and the heft means it ’ s weight, ride quality, the. Right, but works recommended dirt bikes in my collection and alternate them on a high bike. Have not broke a spoke in over a decade I received a sponsorship handlebars stems... And cost is paramount $ 140 `` tyranny of the super clydesdale class at 5 ’ 11 '' lbs! Closet…It spec-ed out at 15.5 # Spec sold on ebay heavy gravel bike 23... One of the equation. your money too but for normal riders with the same. If small reductions in bike weight irrelevant more than a carbon zee.... Poorly made carbon components from china that weighed 1288g above, saving weight is a post in the hind the.

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