I found this by looking for "taskbar not saving settings". i use remote desktop from work and from my phone, as well as console at home. Step 2: Click the lower-left Settings button, and tap Calendar Settings in the items. Windows 10 has a pretty dark yet completely secret theme that you can only use after fiddling around with your computer’s registry a bit. On Windows 10, the Calendar app allows you to connect with third-party calendar services, such as from Outlook.com, Microsoft 365, Google, Yahoo, and … In the main Settings window, click “Personalization.” In the Personalization window, switch to the “Colors” tab. I notice I have to resize the taskbar after logging in from different locations. The setting to let Windows access calendar, is now greyed out in the Settings app under "Calendar": Check out five ways to fix issues with Windows 10 calendar not showing events. Even if you don’t use Microsoft Calendar, you can still see events on whatever other calendar you use by adding it to the app. A few days back, I was playing with the Taskbar settings on my Windows laptop. For example, you can add Google Calendar and see events that have been added to it on the taskbar. Windows 10 (Anniversary Update) used to show me my appointments in the Date and time settings (clock) in the taskbar. To add a new account to manage your calendar events on Windows 10, use these steps: Open Calendar . Step 3: Under Alternate Calendars, check the box before Enable, select the calendar of your country, and choose Gregorian/Hijri/Umm al-Qura/Hebrew Lunar/Saka Era. Even if you don’t use the Windows Mail & Calendar app, the Windows calendar is actually pretty nice. The Windows 10 Calendar app can be opened directly from the Taskbar by clicking on the clock. Option 2: Switch to the secret dark Windows 10 theme. Windows 10 tip: See all your calendars at a glance in agenda view. I think the functionality broke when the Calendar and Calendar apps got updated to version 17.18.450507.0 today. some of the settings dont seem to save across monitor profiles like they did in windows 7. This is a nice feature of Windows 10 and it enables you to access the Calendar app from the time/date in the taskbar. Change the Color and Transparency of the Taskbar In Windows 10, the default color of the taskbar is black. Apply the settings and enjoy the new color of your Taskbar’s Calendar and Clock. To change the color, press Windows+I to open the settings interface. Click on the Settings (gear) button in the bottom-left corner. And with the Anniversary Update to Windows 10, you can now see your agenda and add calendar events right from the Windows taskbar.. RELATED: How to Create and Sync Calendar Events in Windows 10 To see your agenda, just left-click the time and date on the Windows taskbar. Therefore, if you have moved your clock anywhere on the Taskbar, that’s where you can locate the Calendar. Just like earlier versions, Windows 10 displays the date and time at the right side of the taskbar. The Calendar can be opened from the Bottom-right side on the screen, this is placed along with the clock. Later, I realized something was off — the taskbar didn’t show the current date. Steps to enable alternate calendars in Windows 10: Step 1: Turn on Calendar in the Start Menu.